Dr Aditi Govitrikar

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We play many roles and handle a multitude of responsibilities in our lives. All of us are a child, a
sibling, a friend, a spouse, a parent, a teacher, a writer, a co-worker, a leader… and the list goes on.
It’s often that we tend to get so lost in the roles we play. Very often we start identifying with a
particular role and it becomes our only identity. The other roles take a backseat. Making one role
our life makes us feel stressed, confused & discontent in life. However, the roles we play may have
little to do with the purpose of our life. One role does not encapsulate the entirety of the personality
that we are. It does not necessarily determine who we are. Don’t we approach situations according
to what we think is appropriate for a particular role? For example, we could be a hero in one
situation and a complete villain in another. When we realize that each role we play is for certain
hours a day, or for certain years of our lives, we form a kind of perception about ourselves which we
tend to project onto others. This perception shapes the impact we have on the world around us. We
may be proud of a particular role, it may boost our ego, but our egos only serve themselves, it does
not lead to real happiness. When we get box ourselves into specific categories, we limit our
expression of who we are.
Isn't living our true purpose living life deeply as who we are, doing things we love to do for ourselves
and others, being as conscious and aware as we can be, and have an outlook of love towards
everything and everyone? When we accept and let go of confining ourselves in various labels and
roles, we set ourselves free… of judgments and every limitation, we place on ourselves and others.
That’s when we maximize our potential. That’s when we begin to understand and appreciate that
each person has different layers to them as well, that there’s always more to a person than meets
the eye.
The reason I chose to write this article is because of the recent Dolly Parton challenge of posting
different photographs for different social media platforms and the comments I received. I enjoy
playing different roles, however am aware and careful not to identify with “one role”. Go ahead and
identify the roles you play in your life – make a list and write a % of weightage you give each role.
Add to the list any role you wish to play, for example a philanthropist or a teacher. This exercise will
you an insight of you are, help you assess, amend and add to your personality.

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