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Holistic Wellness Workshop

The holistic Wellness workshop explores through some proven wellbeing practices and discusses how incorporating radical self-care routines within every day can help us move through past trauma, overwhelm and doubt so that we can start showing up as the leaders we are meant to be. We talk about what self-care is and how to make space and time to cultivate the right habits in our lives and work. We aim to move through holistic healing methods like yoga and meditation among others.

Mindfulness/Mindful Living

We, humans, are constantly thinking about things from the past or things that may or may not happen in the future. Truth is, most of us are never fully in the present moment. Unfortunately, this creates a lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress in our life. Bringing the mind back to the present can immensely benefit us & our overall wellbeing. With the Mindfulness workshop, we explore ways to lead a more conscious and grounded life with improved clarity, creativity, calmness thus, bringing a newfound purpose and peace into our lives.

Joy of Communication

Throughout the day, we communicate with others to do something – agree to decisions, approve certain proposals, change process, attend meetings, buy a product or service, along with hundreds of other actions. With the joys of communication workshop, we learn work to
move through doubt, overwhelm, and hesitation and towards greater conversations and clarity. Communication requires you to understand your audience, know the right topic points to cover, organize your ideas, and communicate clearly. This hands-on session combines examples/role- playing of difficult situations, discussions, and exercises to help you organize your ideas & help you speak with confidence and engage your audience.

Self Awareness for Transgender community

This Self-Awareness workshop focuses on discovering the “Who am I?” question which seems basic but can unlock answers to one’s biggest challenges. The self-awareness workshop is an all- encompassing session that addresses talents, qualities, values, perception, and self-reflection, emotional triggers, tendencies and habits, and needs. It focuses on specific aspects of self-discovery that are pressing for the participants. It helps us take a deeper look into our emotional quotient and work on it so we are equipped with handling life more efficiently.

Reinventing yourself in lockdown

There is usually an upside to life post experiencing drastic situations, trauma, loss, or a disaster. For us now, amidst and post the current pandemic situation, life for most is not going to be the same. Thus, it’s time we regain our equilibrium and understand the importance of the lessons we’re being taught. What our life becomes is always based on our choices. This workshop encourages everyone to take control and start making new, better decisions. Work on yourself to be more marketable in today’s work environment and reinvent yourself at whatever stage of life one currently is at.

Employee Wellness/Secrets to Success

Improve Productivity, Retention, and Motivation A healthy business requires a healthy workforce. This Road to Wellness session empowers people in successfully adopting a healthy & purposeful
culture within the workplace. This will empower the participant to understand the value of a wellness work and lifestyle; identify personal wellness goals and design a plan for sustained behavior change. Measuring individual and organizational state of health & wellness helps to identify the need for change, set program objectives, and provide a return on investment data. This session will discuss the building blocks of a corporate wellness culture and how to measure and change it.

Entrepreneurship for Women/Scale-Up Business

With this workshop on entrepreneurship, we discuss how to take a plunge into making one’s startup more visible as well as receive constructive feedback from both the users and leaders in the industry.
How to network and stay on top of trends & industry insights. This session aims to help young entrepreneurs piece the biz puzzle together & align themselves with their true motto. It focuses on understanding how to turn passion into a successful business and honing the necessary skills required to make it big in the competitive business world.

Health & Nutrition

We are what we eat and so this workshop helps people who want to learn more about how nutrition and lifestyle changes work to promote better health. We talk about how to keep away from medicine and diseases and ensure the wellbeing of our loved ones. This workshop includes facts not fads, components of a healthy balanced diet, portion sizes/meal plans, tips on increasing exercise, setting goals/rewards, diet and fitness apps, benefits of even a 5-10% weight loss, recommended
healthy eating plans, and much more.

Physical Health & Wellbeing

Exercise and fitness optimizes the mindset to improve alertness, attention, and motivation. Besides, physical activity is a natural way to ward off the ill effects of chronic stress, anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, and other health risks by actually reversing them. Being physically active also leads to a boost in confidence which helps establish and maintain better social connections. This workshop on Physical Health is designed for people who want to: make lifestyle changes (for people with pre-diabetes or diabetes), improve sleep quality, stop smoking, improve mental health and wellness, create a healthy eating pattern with a busy schedule, manage stress and emotions, be fit, and generally add a healthy dose of exercise/physical activity into their schedule.

Stress Management

Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. For many people, stress has become so common that it is now a way of their life. Constantly running in emergency mode has a heavy toll on body and mind. This Stress management workshop equips you with the awareness on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress, manage one’s personal care, handle external situations or the person responsible for the stress and much more. The workshop is designed to incorporate what is needed for a change from a stressful lifestyle to a relaxed, playful and creative choice of living and proven techniques showing all attendees how to do it.

Blissful Living

The Blissful Living workshop is a journey into restoring balance, healing and transforming one’s life, unleashing the power of the mind and nourishing the spirit that resides within us. It aims at releasing negative and limiting thought patterns that keep us stuck on the never-ending “hamster wheel.” We will discuss how to restore one’s energy and vitality as we shed away the excess baggage of things that weighs us down and keeps us from moving forward. It is a session where each has to give themselves the permission to take a break from the demands of their everyday life and allow themselves to get back in touch with their true nature and authentic self.

Conscious Living

This workshop is designed to help one identify their typical thought patterns, introduce them to mindfulness and its benefits and provide them with tools to practice mindfulness on a daily basis for a transformed, healthy and effective relationship with the mind, body, and soul. 

Aligning your chakras Chakra

Aligning Chakras and healing is a deep-going energy session that supports participants to explore the strength, contractions and/or blocks in their energy centres also referred to as chakras. Chakra
activation is for anyone that wants to improve their wellbeing, work on and increase the right flow of energy, and ultimately elevate their being into a higher level of consciousness. To achieve optimum health and balance in life, all of one’s chakras must be open and clear.

How to increase Positivity

Positive emotions are much more than certain peak moments of happiness. Besides feeling good, they can also put one on the path to flourishing and strengthening their resilience when times are tough. This workshop aims to help attendees build their resilience so they can bounce back more easily from adversity, create their inner resources, activate their inner emotional reset button, as
well as restore the body to a state of calm under any situation. The session also entails with me sharing a range of tools and processes that boost the mood, share the role that positive emotions play in our happiness and explain the science behind the feel-good factor called dopamine. It helps everyone come away with a playlist of positive practices that give us the feel-good factor at our mercy.