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Through my career successes as a model and actor from the early 2000’s, I have had the fortune of connecting with so many interesting people in the Fashion, Glamour & Film industry, words fall short to describe how blessed I feel. While life as an actor has been spectacular, somewhere deep down, I felt a deep sense of desire to do More. I had already completed my MBBS degree in the year 1996 before I took a leap of faith towards pageantry to win Gladrags Supermodel contest and consequently winning Mrs.World, however, my innate need to contribute to people, our society, this world got me back to studying Psychology a few years back and understanding the human mind to help resolve conflicts, to help alleviate pain and suffering. In India, mental illnesses are still stigmatized and I wanted to bring about awareness and urge people to seek help by speaking about mental well-being openly.


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Credit: Aditi Govitrikar

18th Feb(1)

Credit: Aditi Govitrikar

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Credit: Aditi Govitrikar


18th Feb(1)

The Times of India

Actress Aditi Govitrikar of ‘De Dana Dan’ fame was in the city, recently for a personal engagement. The ’16 December’ actress, who has been to the city several times before


The Voice Of Woman

If beauty with brains could be personified then it is Dr. Aditi Govitrikar. Women have an inherent ability to perform multiple roles simultaneously and each task with equal ease and aplomb.



Juggling different professions at the same time isn’t an easy job, Aditi Govitrikar never fails to inspire the world with her kindest gestures. She does a commendable job in every field as an actress, model or doctor

15th Feb(1)

The Chief Officer

As per your observation, What are the most shocking facts about leaders and their mental health not being revealed? What are the psychology extremes noticed at c-level?

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